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Sustainability and Purpose

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Corporate Sustainability = Development of an organisation in a way that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. (UN, 1987).

Purposeful organisations build this ethos in their DNA.

Diagnostic Service

Diagnosing the purpose and sustainable ethos of an organisation starts with meaningful conversations about 'who' the business is, what it stands for, why stakeholders engage with it, and what really is and creates meaningful success.


This may result in a Purpose statement, but more than that we seek clarity of what the business stands for and the difference it makes in the world.


We audit, research, identify issues and opportunities, benchmark and compare, and sometimes ask difficult questions - to create a comprehensive ''As is state' diagnosis of your organisation in relation to being sustainable and purposeful.

Strategizing Service

Having identified your 'As is state', robust change management practice advises identifying your 'To be state' - your North Star and direction of travel. For the sustainability change journey this requires setting your desired stage of maturity and leadership ambitions, your 3 and 5 year horizons, and dove-tailing this within the corporate strategy.


To complete the strategy a road-map with a delivery plan is needed that directs you to your North Star. A materiality assesment will identify your major impacts and issues. Innevitably, there will be areas to develop, opportunities to replicate, and elements to protect. We can help you develop the case for change, agreement of the type and scope of change, complete your strategy temple, and create operational goals and your bespoke delivery plan.

Implementation Service

Implementing a strategy is where change management can provide practical, realistic advice. Style of implementation for your organisational culture, micro and macro trend impacts on delivery, appropriate short term goals that build to target delivery, the delivery team and how the change programme is governed, role and engagement of stakeholders, leadership roles, and operational integration are just some of the levers for effective implementation.


After helping you develop your plan, we act as guides on the side for delivery, often taking on specific elements or overall programme management.

Sustaining Service

It is often said that a sustainability professional knows they have been successful when they have embedded sustainable thinking so deep into the organisation that there is no longer a need for them. Although this is a worthwhile goal, for long term successful delivery of a strategy, periodic reviews and adjustments are needed.


Consider stage-gate reviews, balanced scorecard impact assessment, and what your outcome (vs. output) measurements are. Consider also periodic trend and situational anaysis to understand how far the rest of the world and best practice have travelled whilst you have been on your change journey. Innovation can often leap-frog you - or your competitors - a few steps on, presenting opportunities and optional adjustments.

Case Studies



Sustainability & Purpose Diagnosis: Case Study of 'As is' state

Case Study in Development





Sustainability Strategy: Case Study


In development



Sustainability Implementation: Case study



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Sustaining Sustainability: Case Study

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